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About Procbiz

What is Procbiz?

Procbiz is a online buying platform for Indian SMEs. We pool the demand of hundreds of SMEs for multiple products for their business needs. This allows us to not only obtain the most optimal pricing but also a larger pool of quality suppliers. We provide an online platform that enables the SMEs to cut costs and build efficiencies in their business processes, thus allowing them to compete on an equal footing with large enterprises. This platform is available free of charge to our customers. We focus on reducing the purchase prices and increasing productivity for SMEs.

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How do I use Procbiz?

You can register on www.Procbiz.com and fill the RFQ form to indicate your requirement for a specific material. Our sales team will then get in touch with you to provide you the best rate and timely supply for your required material.

What is a RFQ?

RFQ is Request for Quotation. You can use the RFQ form to send us details of your product requirement and based on the volume required, our sales team will contact you with the best available pricing for that product.

Do I have to register for RFQ?

No. You do not have to be a registered user to submit RFQ. You just have to fill your contact details. However, we strongly recommend that you register. This will enable our domain experts to provide you customized solutions.

Are there any charges for registering?

No. Registration is completely free and will always be free.

How do I register?

You can register for free. Simply click on Register button and then fill out the registration form.

Can your company representative visit my office?

Yes, our sales person can visit your office. Please request for the personal visit when our representative calls you in response to your RFQ.

Can I have multiple accounts for my company?

No, you cannot have multiple accounts for one company.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Please click on forgot password option and enter your email address. We will email the password reset link to you.

What are the modes of payments for a Procbiz purchase?

Procbiz offers you multiple payment methods. Whatever be your mode of payment, you can rest assure that Procbiz's trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.

You can pay through net banking fund transfer, cheques and demand draft, Letter of Credit (LC).

Procbiz offers you multiple payment methods. Whatever be your mode of payment, you can rest assure that Procbiz's trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.


Do you accept Cash On Delivery ?

No. Cash on Delivery is not an accepted payment mode.

Do you offer credit to your customers?

Yes, but subject to the depending on the material and the volume required and Customer's track record with Procbiz. Please speak to one of our sales associates for more detail.

Do I have to pay tax on all orders?

Yes. It is mandatory to provide all levied Taxes code details for every order that is processed by us.

How do I know my order is confirmed?

Once your order is confirmed and processed, you will receive a shipment notification via E-mail/SMS informing you on the estimated date of delivery. You can also check the current status of your order on our track order facility.

What if there is a delay in shipment?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that your order might be delayed. We will send you an E-mail/SMS informing you about the delay along with the revised expected delivery date.

Can I change the delivery address after the Purchase Order is raised?

No. There are no changes allowed in the shipping address after the PO (Purchase Order) has been raised.

Do you deliver to every part of India?

Yes. We are capable to shipping goods to every part of the country.

For Seller


How do I register as a seller?

Register to receive the seller registration form via email, and get verified as a seller.

Can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration anytime you want by writing to us at info@procbiz.com.

How do I list my products?

You can get in touch with our business development representatives who will support you in product listing. Please speak with our representatives at our help line number.

Can I sell my products in India only or outside India too?

You can sell your products in India only. Currently, Procbiz does not have a provision to sell outside India.

Do I need to have a website to start selling on Procbiz.com?

No. You just need to register as a seller with Procbiz.com and start selling of various list products. There would be an agreement signed in between Procbiz and Seller for seamless supply to buyer.

If customer buys our product through Procbiz, will customer know that they are purchasing from us on Procbiz website?

Yes. The customer must be knowing the brands and same buying , which comes directly from same brand manufacturing or other any approved sales channel, but The invoice will carry Procbiz name as the seller.

How can I manage my orders?

We have a user-friendly dashboard available for you to manage your orders, products & inventory once you are registered as a seller.

What are the charges for selling on Procbiz?

No, Registration and list of products on Procbiz is absolutely free. There must be a process following as per signed terms in between seller and Procbiz at the time of seller regitration on Procbiz.com. For more details, please speak with our representative on our help line number.

How do I get payments from Procbiz?

Payment for all successful orders would be transferred to your bank account and Its totally depend as per agreed terms in between Procbiz and Seller.



How do you handle returns from customers?

Procbiz is responsible for handling returns from the customer, but back to back for the same material Seller also would be responsibale for handling return from the Procbiz for damage of material is coming directly from seller place.  Please refer to the cancellation & returns policy section for more information.

Can customer provide feedback and why is it important for me?

Customers can give their feedback on product and brand Manufacturer/Approved sales channel, It is one of the most important parameters that influences customer's decision.



Procbiz is having good reach for delivery services across India.


Procbiz tool to offer guaranteed cost saving on your bulk buying requirements.


Procbiz are dedicated to provide you a smooth and secure sourcing platform.